Sapphires & Other Gems

Jewelry Made with Colored Stones for Metro Atlanta Fashionistas

Showcase your unique personal style while enhancing your eye color and skin tone with colored gemstone accessories. At Laura Powers Jewelry, I use a wide array of precious and semi-precious stones to craft stunning pieces that last. Uncover the beauty of jewelry made with colored stones in Metro Atlanta and express your individuality through my exquisite pieces.
Pink Diamond Ring

Colored Gemstones: The Ideal Alternatives to Diamonds

Fashion accessories adorned with colored stones offer a perfect alternative to jewelry made with GIA-certified diamonds. Whether you prefer vibrant hues or subtle shades, I can bring your vision to life while ensuring it truly reflects your individuality and aligns with your budget. Find out more about colored gemstones to make a well-informed choice about your precious or semi-precious stone preference. 

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These colored gemstones boast vibrant hues, exceptional durability, and a brilliant refractive index, making them an exquisite choice to adorn your jewelry.


There's nothing quite like using sapphires when creating beautiful jewelry. These colored stones come in an incredible range of colors, from purples and blues to pinks and reds. Each has a unique refractive index, making them a durable and stunning choice for your next jewelry piece.

Additional Products and Services

Laura Powers Jewelry is also a trusted source for diamond accessories and custom design services. Using GIA-certified diamonds or your preferred colored gemstones, I create gorgeous custom engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces with exceptional craftsmanship.