GIA Certified Natural Diamonds

View the largest selection of GIA certified loose natural diamonds in Metro Atlanta in sizes from .5 ct to 10 cts. I will educate you about the 4 c’s and help you to select the perfect natural mined diamond for you. Discover the timeless beauty of my collection of loose diamonds and high quality diamond jewelry in Metro Atlanta.


Unveil the Radiance of GIA-Certified Diamonds in Metro Atlanta

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled allure and superior elegance of Laura Powers Jewelry’s GIA-certified diamonds in Metro Atlanta.I take pride in showcasing the natural stunning beauty of loose and premium gems. We will delve into an enlightening lesson on the 4 Cs of diamond quality by exploring various pieces, ranging from a delicate .5 CT size to a commanding 10 CTS. Together, we can unearth the ideal natural mined diamond to reflect your personality.   


Diamond Quality

Showcasing Precision-Crafted Brilliance

Diamonds hold a special significance owing to their raw, natural splendor and breathtaking beauty. But have you ever thought that your love for these enchanting stones doesn’t have to be confined only to the ones procured from the belly of the earth? I’m proud to present you with an innovative alternative: lab-grown diamonds in Metro Atlanta. 

These gems are designed meticulously in the controlled environments of laboratories, yet they hold an enticing allure and exceptional clarity similar to their mined counterparts. Born of human ingenuity and science, they promise enduring grace, making them every bit a diamond.  

Breaking Traditions with Sparkling Hues

My diverse gemstone collection awaits if you prefer something else. It features eye-catching sapphires in multiple colors and luminescent rubies noted for their durability and sparkle. A colored piece can be selected to reflect your unique taste and complement vintage diamond jewelry. With our skilled craftsmanship, you can be confident that the jewelry created will impeccably merge classic elegance with your style. 

Sapphires and Other Colors

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Find the perfect piece from my rich selection of GIA-certified diamonds in Metro Atlanta. Reach out to me today to learn more about my collection. I promise more than simply a purchase but a truly enriching experience.